Portable Meters

Hach sensION+ portable meters are compact, rugged lightweight, and ideally suited for field measurements.

SensION+ Portable Meters

  • Waterproof IP67, shock resistant housing
  • Large backlit graphic screen with icon navigation
  • Simultaneous display of various parameters
  • Combined electrodes with built-in temperature probe and watertight connector
  • Carrying case designed to be a portable laboratory!


Parameters PH1 Portable pH-Meter EC5 Portable Conductivity meter MM150 Portable multimeter for portable multiprobes
Temperature Yes Yes Yes
pH Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
ORP/Redox Yes
Product number (meter alone) LPV2500.98.0002 LPV3500.98.0002 LPV4000.98.0002

SensION+ Portable Meters Electrodes


Specifications Combined pH General use  Combined pH waste water  Combined pH Low conductivity high temperature  Combined pH puncture type  Combined pH puncture type
Model 5050T 5051T 5052T 5053T 5054T
Special feature  Gel  With working protector open junction With working protector PTFE junction Built-in T° probe 2 junctions Removable steel knife,Built-in T°
Measuring range  0 to 14 pH  2 to 14 pH  0 to 14 pH  2 to 14 pH  2 to 14 pH
Temperature range  0 to 80 °C  0 to 80 °C  0 to 100 °C  0 to 60 ° C 0 to 60 °C
Temperature probe  Pt1000  Pt1000  Pt1000  Pt1000  Pt1000
Dimensions (under head)  12 mm x 85 mm  12 mm x 85 mm  12 mm x 85 mm  12 mm x 85 mm  12 mm x 85 mm
Sensitive component  Glass  Glass  Glass  Glass  Glass
Body material  Polycarbonate  Glass  Glass  Stainless steel  Stainless steel
Filling  Gel  Solid  Gel  Solid  Solid
Connector  MP-5  MP-5  MP-5  MP-5  MP-5
Cable length 1  m  1 m  1 m  1 m  1 m
Product number  LZW5050T.97.002  LZW5051T.97.002  LZW5052T.97.002  CRI5053T.99  CRI5054TC.99


Specifications Conductivity General use Conductivity Difficult samples Multi**  Multi** 
Model  5060 5062 5048 5059
Special feature  Rugged titanium body  pH/Conductivity/ORP pH/Conductivity 
Measuring range  0,2 μS/cm up to 

200 mS/cm  5 μS/cm up to 50 mS/cm 0 to 14 pH 

25-200 mS/cm 

+/- 2000 mV 0 to 14 pH 

5 μS/cm to 30 mS/cm 

+/- 2000 mV

Temperature range  0 to 80 °C  0 to 80 °C  0 to 80 °C  0 to 80 °C 
Temperature probe  Pt1000  Pt1000  Pt1000  Pt1000 
Dimensions (under head)  12 mm x 85 mm  12 mm x 85 mm  12 mm x 85 mm  12 mm x 85 mm 
Sensitive component  Platinum  Platinum  pH: Glass 
Cond & Redox: Platinum pH: Glass 

Cond: Titanium

Body material  Polycarbonate  Titanium  Polycarbonate  Polycarbonate 
Filling  Gel  Gel 
Connector  MP-5  MP-5  MP-8  MP-8 
Cable length  1 m  1 m  1 m  1 m 
Product number  LZW5060.97.0002  LZW5062.97.0002  LZW5048.97.0002  LZW5059.97.0002 


Dijana Ceric
"I will help you with anything you need regarding spectroscopy"
Dijana har tidigare jobbat som expert på spektroskopi på Shimadzu i Kroatien. Nu ansvarar hon för hela vårt spektrosortiment från Shimadzu: UV-VIS-NIR, FT-IR, AAS, ICP-OES, EDX, SALD.