Parallel Evaporator Syncore Analyst

With the Syncore Analyst, Büchi is offering a solution for a fast, gentle and environment-friendly multiple sample concentration to a predefined volume. With its clever design cross-contamination can be inhibited and recoveries are maximized. Profit from a verified solution including vacuum pump, vacuum controller and recirculating chiller to get even more advantage for your sample workup.


Increase productivity by concentrating up to 12 samples simultaneously

High quality results

Maximize recoveries and eliminate the risk of cross contamination

Time savings

Fast Vortex concentration maximizes throughput to a predefined residual volume



Malin Henriksson
"Kontakta mig! Jag hjälper dig gärna om du har frågor eller om du vill beställa. Från stort till smått, kontakta mig"
Malin ansvarar för våra produkter från Cole-Parmer, Integra Biosciences, Büchi och Sotax och är stationerad i Göteborg.