MFP-3D Family

MFP-3D Family of AFMs

  • High performance
  • Widest range of modes and accessories
  • Simple to use yet flexible
  • Solutions for every budget



MFP-3D Origin - Most affordable Asylum AFM, offers high performance and a wide range of capabilities
MFP-3D Origin+
- Same performance as Origin, but with a full range of optional accessories, still at a very affordable price
MFP-3D Infinity - Flagship of the MFP-3D family, offering the highest performance and solutions for every application
MFP-3D-BIO - Only bioAFM integrated with optical microscopy that offers all modes and accessories



Catherine Kitts
"Please contact me and I will assist you with anything regarding confocal microscopy and super resolution"
Catherine är vår expert på Nikon konfokalmikroskopi och Super Resolution. Hon har tidigare varit på Nikon Instruments Europe där hon arbetade som expert på bl.a Super Resolution.