Glass pH Electrodes

pH glass electrodes from Radiometer Analytical are made with highly shock-resistant glass, making them extremely tough. The average lifetime of a correctly maintained glass pH electrode is approximately 2 years.Certain electrodes are made with special glass for pH measurements in strongly alkaline solutions. These  electrodes allow measurements within the 0 - 14 pH range without significant deviation from the theoretical response.Glass pH electrodes are always used in combination with reference electrodes. The zero pH of Red Rod glass pH electrodes when used with their recommended reference electrode is approximately pH 6.65. The zero pH of glass pH electrodes is approximately pH 6.65 when measured against a calomel reference electrode (e.g. REF421, XR110) and approximately pH 7.25 when measured against an Ag/AgCl reference electrode (e.g. REF321).

Red Rod glass pH electrodes                    

Applications Micro samples  General purpose  Alkaline samples
Type pHG200 pHG201 pHG211
Part no. Type 7
Part no. BNC E11M002 E11M006 E11M003
pH range 0 – 12 0 – 12 0 – 14
Temperature range 10 –100°C -10 –100°C 10 –100°C
Lower diameter 4 mm 7,5 mm 7,5 mm
Reference system Red Rod Red Rod Red Rod

sample depth 4 mm 7 mm 7 mm
Recommended reference electrode REF200 REF201/251
REF201 for general use

Glass pH electrodes

Applications General purpose  Alkaline samples
Type pHG301 pHG311 XG250
Part no. E11M001 E11M004 B10B250
pH range 0 – 12 0 – 14 0 – 14
Temperature range 0 –80°C 0 –80°C 0 –80°C
Diameter 12 mm 12 mm 10 mm*
Reference system Ag/AgCl Ag/AgCl Ag/AgCl
Minimum sample depth 12 mm 12 mm 12 mm
Recommended reference electrode REF321    

Radiometer Reference Electrodes

Applications  Micro-samples  General purpose  General purpose  General purpose 
Model  REF200  REF201  REF251  REF321 
Probe part no.  E21M008  E21M009  E21M001  E21M002* 
Reference system  Red Rod  Red Rod  Red Rod  Ag/AgCl 
Liquid junction  Porous pin  Porous pin  Porous pin / porous pin  Porous pin 
Temperature range  -10 -100°C  -10 -100°C  -10 -100°C  -5 -80°C 
Lower diameter  4 mm  7.5 mm  12 mm  8 mm 
Special features  For use with pHG200  - Double junction  -
Salt-bridge solution  Sat. KCl  Sat. KCl  Sat. KCl  3 M KCl with sat. AgCl 


Applications  Non-aqueous media  Voltammetry  Impedance 
Model  REF361  XR300  XR820 
Probe part no.  E21M003  B20B300*  B20C820* 
Reference system  Ag/AgCl  Ag/AgCl  Ag/AgCl 
Liquid junction  Glass sleeve  Porous pin  Porous pin / fibre 
Temperature range  -5 -80°C  -5 -80°C  -5 -80°C 
Lower diameter  12 mm  8 mm  8 mm 
Special features  - - -
Salt-bridge solution  3 M KCl with sat. AgCl  Sat. KCl + sat. AgCl  Sat. KCl + sat. AgCl upper res. 

*Screw cap electrode. Requires CL111 connection cable (part no. A94L111) for sensION+ meter compatibility



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