Glasdelar i original

Only the original offers threefold reliability 

No compromises on personal safety The quality and precision of Büchi replacement glassware guards from breakage and prevents the escape of substances. No fitting and operational problems With Büchi replacement glassware there is no untrue running f evaporating flasks, no loss of vacuum due to poorly centred flanged screw couplings, and no time loss through unit stoppages.  Longer service life of your units Troublefree operation prolongs the life of your Büchi units. With Büchi replacement glassware you therefore choose the best possible cost/utility ratio!

Büchi Quality Criteria

High-quality glass: Inert industrial glass (borosilicate 3.3, ISO/DIN 3585), resistant to chemicals, little dulling from contact with acids and alkalis. Generous wall thickness: Uniform thick-ness, also at the base, hence fewer breakages. Tension-relieved at 540°C: Highly shock resistant, no internal tensions, increased compression and vacuum resistance. Resistant to temperature changes of 180°C: Heat-resistant, suitable also for oil baths, no thermal bursting. Exactly centred flanged screw couplings: No loss of vacuum, no untrue running of evaporating flasks, no splashing in the heating bath. Closed surface: No sticking of substances, no entrainment, easy cleaning. «PLASTIC+GLAS»: Protection against mechanical damage and splinters in the event of breakage, no loss of substance if the glass breaks. Strict quality control: No kinks or changes in glass´bends, no bulges or accumulations, no flaws or tolerance violations.



Mohammad Rowshan
"Kontakta mig! Jag hjälper dig om du har frågor eller om du vill beställa."
Mohammad är ansvarig för Sotax, Büchi och Integra.