Cypher Family

Cypher Family of AFMs

  • Ultra-high resolution
  • Unmatched speed
  • Simple environmental control
  • Fast and easy to get great results




  • Cypher S - Starting Cypher model with ultra-high resolution, fast scanning, and a full range of modes
  • Cypher ES - All the performance and features of the Cypher S, plus a wide range of exceptional environmental control accessories
  • Cypher ES Polymer Edition - The ultimate AFM for polymer science, a Cypher ES pre-configured with everything for polymers
  • Cypher VRS - The first and only fully-featured video-rate AFM, incredible speed along with the features of a Cypher ES






Catherine Kitts
"Please contact me and I will assist you with anything regarding confocal microscopy and super resolution"
Catherine är vår expert på Nikon konfokalmikroskopi och Super Resolution. Hon har tidigare varit på Nikon Instruments Europe där hon arbetade som expert på bl.a Super Resolution.