SOTAX Congress 20212021-08-27T17:02:47+02:00
Live imaging of host-pathogen interactions – with Professor Pontus Nordenfelt and Simone Lepper2021-06-22T09:52:24+02:00
MasterFlex – How to create the best fluid handling system for your needs2021-06-22T14:26:00+02:00
Webinar – Quality Control of surfaces for good wettability and coating adhesion2021-08-09T12:16:07+02:00
Mini-symposium and Demonstration day in Bioprinting and Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy2021-08-09T12:41:55+02:00
Inbjudan till SciLifeLab symposium i Super-Resolution mikroskopi2021-08-09T14:15:22+02:00

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