Free Vacuum pump V-300 when you buy a Rotavapor R-300

Do you need a new Rotavapor? Rigth now you will get a free Vacuum pump V-300 with the purchase of a BUCHI Rotavapor R-300 with an Interface I-300 or I-300 Pro.

The campaign is valid until 2019-12-31

Vacuum pump V-300 from Büchi

An economical and silent vacuum source with:
• Seamless system integration with the Rotavapor R-300
• Convenient temperature setting and control when integrated in a Rotavapor R-300 system.
• A set vacuum is achieved very precisely by means of speed-control operation
• Low noise emission (32 dB)
• High chemical resistance
• Easy to maintain (pump can be easily flushed with solvent)
• Easy optical detection of condensate and particles through transparent membrane windows

Ord Price: 29.600 kr
Order Number: 11V300000

Rotavapor R-300

Lift: Electronic
Heating Bath: B-305 (20 - 220 °C, 5 L)
Standard Joint: SJ 29/32
Glass Assembly: Vertical (V)
Interface: I-300 or I-300 Pro Woulff Bottle
Voltage: 220 - 240 V

Rotavapor R-300 with interface I-300 Promo price: 59.000 kr

Ord Price: 99.370 kr
Order Number: 11R300251V021
Max 2 units/customer

Rotavapor R-300 with interface I-300 Pro Promo price: 69.000 kr

Ord Price: 111.440 kr
Order Number: 11R300251V031
Max 2 units/customer



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