Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy

BergmanLabora and BioNordika hosts a seminar/demonstration event in advanced fluorescence microscopy.

Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy days are arranged during the year, in various locations in Sweden. 

Please feel free to contact us for more info about upcoming arrangements. During 2016 we will make arrangements in:

  • Nikon Center of Excellence, Dept of Nutrition and Health, KI/KTH at south campus in Huddinge
  • Göteborgs Universitet, Medicinaregatan 3
  • Lund University, BMC

BergmanLabora and BioNordika hosts a seminar/demonstration event in advanced fluorescence microscopy. We will present the techniques available at the Nikon Center of Excellence in Huddinge run by Sylvie Le Guyader, manager of the Live Cell Imaging facility/Nikon Center of Excellence.

Seminars will be also be given by Cell Signaling Technology, a leader in antibodies for pathway analysis and Andor Technology, a leader in scientific cameras. A range of systems will be available for demonstration purposes. Leading experts will be on-hand to answer questions on a broad range of microscopy applications

The following program is an example of the day set up:

Seminar program:

  • The Live Cell Imaging unit: advanced confocal microscopy facility in Flemingsberg - Sylvie Le Guyader, Manager of the Nikon Center of Excellence at KI/KTH
  • Immunofluorescence for the study of cellular processes: Possibilities and considerations - Dr Laura Schneider, Product Specialist, Cell Signaling Technology (Boston, MA)
  • Fast and Sensitive Cameras for a range of Microscopy Applications - Dr Orla Hanrahan, Life Science Imaging, Application Specialist, Andor Technologies (Belfast, UK)

Obligatory free registration to [email protected] or phone: 08-625 18 07

Lunch and Fika is included

Microscopy demonstration:

  • Nikon upright research microscope Ni-E with Andor sCMOS camera Zyla 5.5 and EMCCD camera ULTRA 888 / Lumencor Sola solid state fluorescence illuminator
  • Nikon confocal A1R with GaAsP detectors
  • Nikon SMZ18 stereo microscope with fluorescence illuminator and Nikon DS-Fi2 camera

Every demo takes an hour and we would please ask you to bring your own samples, to give you the most valuable outcome of the demo. 
To reserve a demo time slot, please send the following information to [email protected]

  • Name:
  • Department:
  • Phone:
  • Demo Microscope of choice:
  • Application (type of tissue, fluorochromer, etc.):
  • Demo time of choice

Our sister company BioNordika are specialized in fluorescence imaging and will be available for discussions about new products from for example:

  • Clontech - Fluorescence Proteins, etc.
  • New England Biolabs - SNAP-tag and CLIP-tag in live cells, antibodies.
  • AnaSpec Inc. - HiLyte, AnaTag, FRET, etc.
  • Cell Signaling Technology – IF validated antibodies, Alexa Fluor antibodies etc.
  • Vector Laboratories – Mounting media, DyLight antibodies etc.

How: Obligatory free registration to [email protected] or phone: 08-625 18 07 

Organizers: BergmanLabora and BioNordika